Fantasy Kingdom AU

Random headcanons/AUs that won’t get fics anytime soon. If anyone wants to add on/chime in/create something, feel free.

Some sort of fantasy war AU thing.

cw: war, swords, burning of villages, death, prisoners of war, forced labor/slavery, mention of bondage (not the fun kind)
If I need to tag something, let me know.

Ross, the soldier, took up a sword to defend his home town against an invading kingdom. During war-time, his home was burnt to the ground. No ones left, save himself and a few other soldier boys- men, really.
Time saw to it that he survived the war, and promoted his way to the Captain’s Guard.
The Iron Blade, they were called- His Majesty’s strongest forces, the knights who patrolled the boarders.
Eventually, through seventeen long, grueling years, they push back the invaders to their northern wastes.

The Northerners head East, instead.

Smith works in a small tradestown, making barrels- he left the big city to find a place that might actually feel like home.
The North quickly pushes through the farm towns, and into Smith’s home. They light the buildings up in flames, kill every man who fights, and take everyone else for prisoner.
Smith doesn’t want to die, so he surrenders.
He’s bound and thrown into the back of a wagon with the few other men who survived who are of working age.
The wagon trundles back to the north. At the borders, they force their captives to make weaponry. Smith’s carpentry and metalworking skills are put to use, heavy use. They’re watched over day and night by fearsome guards, and people are killed just for looking the wrong way. The north can easily get more captives from the Eastern cities. But Smith watches carefully, works carefully, and keeps to himself. Over time, he memorizes the patrol routes and steals away a scrap of metal wrapped in cloth. For protection.

Somehow, Smith escapes, and runs South.

At the border, he meets the Iron Blade, and pleads amnesty.
It’s several days back to the inner city.
They bind Smith’s hands again, and Ross is charged with looking after him.
Smith and Ross grow closer through the shared hatred of war and the north, and their long for their normal lives again. But the north amasses weapons, and Ross knows that the King will send them to war if he feels that they would be in danger.
Even if Smith starts a new life in the south, Ross may leave for battle.


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