Roller Rink AU

Random headcanons/AUs that won’t get fics anytime soon. If anyone wants to add on/chime in/create something, feel free.

The Hats work at a roller rink owned by Sips.

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Disco lights and swirling colored lamps light up the roller rink with a shadowed, neon glow. Cheerful pop music blasts from the speakers in front of the open DJ booth. The spot behind the soundboard is empty- Ross must be on break. Chairs and tables are haphazardly arranged in the dining area to the side of the rink, and a trash bin is overflowing with paper plates and plastic cups. Trott was going to have a hell of a mess to clean up when he clocked in.

Smith pours himself a glass of watered down Pepsi from the plastic pitcher. Too much ice falls into the off-brand red solo cup. He scoops one of the rough, square pieces out with a finger, crunching it between his teeth. The pop is sickly sweet on his tongue.

He carefully sets his flimsy cup onto the table and sits down to put his skates on.

The tan color is peeling off the faux-leather in places, but the orange wheels are in decent shape. He ties the brown laces tight and stands up, holding onto the back of the chair and testing his weight.

Good to go.

Smith pushes off on one foot, and then the other, maneuvering around the dining area and across the balloon-patterned carpet to the rink entrance. Customers had cleared out for the lunch break- Sips kept the rink open in four-hour intervals, with a two hour lunch break between noon and two pm. He didn’t mind his employees using the rink on their off hours, so long as they cleaned up.

Smith liked it because he didn’t have to duck around teenagers or try not to run over tiny kids. He had the rink all to himself.

Smith rolls over to the rink entrance and stops, carefully stepping down onto the polished laminate floor. He gets his bearings again, and starts skating.

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