hockey AU

Random headcanons/AUs that won’t get fics anytime soon. If anyone wants to add on/chime in/create something, feel free.

Once upon a time I had ideas about a hockey AU.

cw: nothing that I can think of. brief mention of injury, mention of past breakups/exes?
If I need to tag something, let me know.

so if hockey generally is similar to basketball position-wise, with a center, forwards, and defense people
(and, after Wikipedia-ing, it sort of is)

Ross, goalie
Smith, center
Trott, left-wing forward

I can’t decide if I like the idea of Smith being captain or not. either way I think he’s the one who fights over the puck in the center when a match starts. the one who makes the most passes.
Trott’s the best shot, and the quickest. unlike Smith and Ross, he doesn’t have as much of a physique to play hockey. he’s definitely gonna get slammed into the walls if he has the puck for too long, so the players probably try to get the puck to Trott for the quickest amount of time so he can score.
Ross as the goalie. sometimes a right-wing forward. when all three of them are on the ice, they’re really good at scoring hat tricks
(people actually throw their hats from the stands when hat tricks happen irl in NHL games, apparently)

so, hockey has Major league and Minor league, made up of the NHL and the AHL & ECHL, respectively. I like the idea of orange and blue as the team colors, maybe taking place out West, in the Arizona/Nevada/Grand Canyon area
maybe named something like the “Reno Rockets”
and I checked, there’s currently no minor league team in NV or Reno, though they wanted to put one there.
Colors: orange and blue, silver, navy
the closest major league team to Reno is the supposed to be Paradise, NV, Vegas Golden Knights

I like the idea of Brindley and Smith being bitter rivals/exes when they were on the same team. it didn’t end well.
Brindley’s a center for the Alaska Aces, with it’s icy blue color scheme. known to foul Smith often, which has injured Smith’s wrists before.

everybody in hockey has nicknames, it seems like
(I picked these numbers at random, but I think they work)

#8, Ross “DJ” Hornby, goaltender
makes sick playlists for the team on Spotify
has a love for the ice rink’s horrible nachos

#11, Chris (*numerous nicknames*) Trott, left wing
one of the league’s best scorers
most always in need of a haircut

#32, Alex “Alsmiffy/Smiffy” Smith, centre
helmet hair all the time
obsession with geckos

hockey has six players: five skaters and a goalperson.
Strippin as the right-wing forward
Ken and Turps as the defense
and Hulmes as the alternate?
maybe throw in whatever the sheep are named in Filthy Animals, as alternate defenses.
or a Tom. or multiple. or a Matt.

I can’t find where I saw it on Wikipedia, but there was something about when you’re signed on to play to a minor league team owned by a team in the NHL, you are contractually obligated to go where they tell you to go if they want to move you.
So, my thought is that one of the Conflicts is Trott getting traded up to the NHL, bumped off the Reno team and onto one of the NHL ones.
takes his frustration out on pucks on the rink after hours. had a talk with the team owner and his coach, hasn’t gone home yet.
Sips whistles at him to get his attention. he’s the Zamboni driver who takes care of the ice.

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