in the highest degree – playlist

Tracklist below the read-more, for multitudinous seas incarnadine.

Check out the Spotify playlist here.

City of Delusion- Muse (originally: I hate this city, I hate who I am) (could be Angor and Smith)
Volatile Times – Us Version- IAMX (Sips with Angor, Sips’ place as king, fixing things)
Icarus- Bastille (can you live with who you are, Icarus is flying too close)
Sweet Disaster- Whitehorse
Ego- Tribe Society (Smith, Angor) (Smith thinking upon who he’s been)
Empire State- Guster
Rubbernecking- Keane
Culling Of The Fold- The Decemberists? (fae in the jail cells) (it’s a murder song)
Never Scared- Modern Chemistry (Smith)
The New Underground- Guster (Smith)
Breaking Down- Florence + The Machine (Smith with Trott after Angor)
Blackout- Muse
Bedshaped- Keane (hurt)
I’ll Be Good- Jaymes Young (trying to be better, Smith and Trott)


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