Urban Magic Yogs: Of Fallen Archangels and Magical Law and Order

random selection of information about the city
from my series “I’d kill for you. I’d die for you, I’d live for you.”

Info/headcanons about UMY:Angor and magical law enforcement contained within.

Angor and Magical Law Inspection
-started before Angor, before Trott and Smith
-hunters raising the dead, KD punishes them.
-large chunks of the city destroyed, Hunt called. over 100 years ago, 19th century.
-(Rythian moved into the destroyed Blackrock Apartments in the early 1900s)
-maybe this was why Angor fell- gave them the books to bring back the dead
-Angor travelled for a long period of time around Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, in the 19th century. arrived in the city in and out, during the 1920s, 40s, 60s. stayed in the 70s and wormed his way into the MP. didn’t have a run in with the GC until after Sips was crowned.
-think Ministry of Magic, only not crap or directly magical government (don’t create laws, only enforce them)
-deals with the justice of debts
–leeway between humans and fae; fae and fae disputes
–acquisition of misplaced or mis-handled magical artifacts
–from the mysterious to the mundane:
—“you painted a sacrificing sigil in my rented apartment”
—domestic battles over witchy familiars
-regulation of magical black market drugs/items
–redstone, absinthe, ambrosia, necromancy tomes
–Angor is head investigator, so he gets the best, hardest, tougher cases. and also the cases that require more attention or longer investigation. he gets a stack of case files daily, which he sorts through and marks as important, unimportant, or interesting. these have already been screened by other methods (three secretaries of the post, and several revealing charms to make sure they’re credible, magical, and pertinent. credible because they don’t want hoax cases, magical because they don’t want solely mortal matters. pertinent because they want recent developments, not a case from ages ago.)
-important cases go to him downward in the social brackets in terms of who on his team will do best with the case. there are six lead investigators under Angor, in charge of various departments of investigation, which in turn, have three officers of command each under them.
-unimportant cases go in the bin (lit on fire with the butts of his finished cigarettes)
-normally, missing persons cases go directly into the bin…
(jeeze, what an asshole, right?)
the Gatekeeper
-other planes of existence
-heaven and hell exist, among others
-travel between planes is prohibited
–cannot bring things from one to another
–very specifically, beings with physical properties…
-Angor the best choice. KD likes the irony. in a way, it’s Angor’s penance, though KD makes him think it’s because he’s earned the privilege. Angor’s just another tool KD can use to gain power.

-in addition to three secretaries of post who overseer paper documents/materials/matters, there are three secretaries of interpersonal relations, who conduct interviews, set up meetings, and work the front desk.

-also six security guards

hierarchy of magical law and safety enforcement

inspection agency- broken Magical Law
domestic agency- fae disputes
agency of tradegoods and services- trafficking
agency of passages- gatekeeper duties
magical agency- magic issues, fae and human
agency of mortalkind- humans

Interestingly enough, “Angor animi” is a symptom in medicine referring to the feeling as if one is dying. The word “Angor” in English is similar to the word “anger”, but also “refers to a great anxiety, distress, or mental anguish” (Wikipedia 2016) in which one believes their death is imminent. Rather fitting, for the fallen archangel… “Animi” in English is “an animating spirit, intention or temper” (Wikipedia 2016).

“‘one of the ranks of the archangels’ ‘conceived an impossible thought, to place his throne higher than the clouds above the earth, that he might become equal in rank to [the Lord’s] power. And [the Lord] threw him out from the height with his angels, and he was flying in the air continuously above the bottomless.’ Although in this chapter the name ‘Satanail’ is mentioned only in a heading added in one manuscript, this chapter too is often understood to refer to Satanail and his angels, the Grigori.”
Book of Enoch, Grigori- the Watchers, the fallen archangels who were under Satan’s command, and after becoming ingrained wickedly in the lives of mortals, were cast out.
Sariel, one of these angels.
“who is set over spirits who sin in the spirit and who is concerned with the fate of angels that violate divine law.”



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