“The Man Out Of Time In Love” by Adrian Bouvier

The inspiration for Down to the Bottom of the Sea

from this book by Adrian Bouvier

cw: death, drowning
If I need to tag something else, let me know.

“The Man Out Of Time In Love” by Adrian Bouvier

Captain, they inhale loyalty until they’re close to bursting.
Captain, where do you stand?
Captain, what do they burst for?

So you hold love in one fist and duty in the other and try to weigh
them. Here’s the question: should they be scaled? Is there a
protocol for kissing? There didn’t used to be. Then again, you
didn’t use to care. The last time you did this, love whispered in
duty’s tones and took your hand and pulled you down, down,
down and you followed; the last time you weighed love and duty,
you didn’t survive it.

Your soldier acts like there’s a protocol to kissing.
Your soldier inhales uncertainty and exhales lost, lost, lost.
Your soldier doesn’t speak with the same voice anymore.

You hold love tight in one fist and then the other. Duty lies
forgotten. Was there ever really a question?



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