bio-modification AU

Random ideas/headcanons that won’t get fics anytime soon. If anyone wants to add on/chime in/create something, feel free.

Three shared this link in the Discord chat, of a house, and I said, “I like the orange accents, and the bedrooms. it looks like the kind of house in some sort of near-future scifi thing. with genetic enhancements. bioengineering animalistic traits and genes into humans. the Hats were talking about how sharks regrow teeth (and why isn’t that being studied in an application to science, srsly) so maybe: Sips and the Hats as scientists working for this lab.”

cw: body modification; medical/scientific experimentation; creepy scifi, animal lab usage?; sex, drugs, mention of organs
If I need to tag something, let me know.

There’s been lots of successful research done, regrowing limbs and organs and in gene therapy and eradicating diseases. But higher-end clients sometimes hire out groups of scientists to create new beauty standards, superhuman enhancements, monstrous modifications. Gills and waterbreathing organs, retractable claws, phosphorescent spots, color-changing eyes- a whole spectrum of things.
Which of course, have their limits and downsides. Many, later on, end up backfiring. Those cases get covered up.
I just want perfectionist, obsessed scientists, dangerously interested/disinterested in their goals/modifications, fucking in those bedrooms. Unmodded Sips fucking modded Smith, who’s on top of him. Smith with the sharks teeth that are sometimes a bit too sharp, low-light vision eyes that are slightly too bright and cat-like, and dime-sized phosphorescent glow spots scattered across his back. He probably has some other mod for increased stamina/less sleep needed too.
When they’re done, Smith staggers off to clean up, take a piss, and swallow down pills to stop his organs from rejecting themselves. stares at his wavering reflection in the mirror until his arms stop shaking, then puts on a satisfied smile and goes back into the bedroom to flop into the bed with Sips.
Trott and Ross are probably in the other bedroom/office, actually working on reports. I think Ross is more detached about his work, but they’re perfectionists in their own ways. Like, Ross cares less once it’s left his lab, but Trott cares more about how successful a mod is. He’s constantly trying to make it better, whereas Ross just wants the reports to clearly state what it does and nothing more.

There’s some other details in the Discord, probably. As always, feel free to come and chat!


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