Repo!Hats – playlist

Tracklist below the read-more, for the Repo!Hats AU created by Nate/CookiesAndKatanas. This first playlist is more of the repo-men era.

Check out the Spotify playlist here.

The Great Shipwreck Of Life- IAMX
Scream- Avenged Sevenfold
Harvester of Sorrow- Metallica
Supremacy- Muse
The Noise Inside My Head- Assemblage 23
Monsters- MISSIO
Smoke And Mirrors- Gotye
Don’t Talk About It- Tove Lo
Devil Devil- Milck
Heavy In Your Arms- Florence + The Machine
Habits (Stay High)- Tove Lo
American Kryptonite- Five Iron Frenzy
Battery- Metallica
Animal I Have Become- Three Days Grace
Assassin- Muse
Toxic- Britney Spears
Emperor’s New Clothes- Panic! At The Disco
Cure For The Itch- Linkin Park
Exo-Politics- Muse
Nothing At All- Bob Moses
Mother- mr. kitty
Who Do I Think I Am- MISSIO
Not On Drugs- Tove Lo
XXX 88- MO
Fade to Black- Metallica
Waiting For The End- Linkin Park
I Lost You- mr. kitty
Anthem for the Broken- MISSIO
Megalomania- Muse
Don’t Worry, We’ll Be Watching You- Gotye


songs that got cut:
Vultures- Five Iron Frenzy
Cycle Of Violence- mr. kitty
Cave- Muse
Eternity- IAMX
Burn- The Cure
The Good Life- Three Days Grace
The Catalyst- Linkin Park
Bodies- Drowning Pool


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