Jester Candy Wand- Crit Role HP AU

jester candy wand


Show-spoilery headcanons below the cut.

Another wand for the CritRole HP AU! (Check out the other posts here.)
This time, Jester! I think this one is very fitting for a cute donut-loving trickster cleric ^^.

Jester’s wand is very candy inspired, some intentionally and some not. I wanted baby pink and blue, forest green, and a pale driftwood tan for the color palette, and the design went through a few adjustments. I originally considered having the end be more curved, to match the sickle Jester carries in canon, but decided against it because it didn’t seem to fit her. However, being that Molly has curved scimitars, I might adjust this idea for his wand in the future.

My initial ideas for Jester in this AU was half-Veela Beauxbatons Jester (and/or Molly), to make up for the lack of tiefling heritage in HP. I think Jester is younger than Molly, enough that Molly was finished or nearly-finished with schooling (if he completed it) by the time Jester was just starting to learn magic.

She definitely decorates her wand with ribbons that match her dress/outfit of the day. Super good at transfiguration, changing hamsters into tiny unicorns. In school, she was very daydreamy, always charming things different colors and making things look like sweets and candy. Sneaking into the kitchens after hours to get extra donuts and pastries. Always animating her drawings and telling jokes and stories.

Jester likely had a very lonely, solitary childhood, and not many, if any, close friends. n school, she was probably considered to be “that one weird ditzy girl who talks to herself”. The traveler is probably a strange wizard she met sometime after completing school, or maybe after sneaking out on her own during summer vacation sometime in her teenage years. The traveler has acted like a tutor and mentor, making up for a friend and confidant Jester never really had.

I think Jester came from a noble house, and like canon, left because of getting in trouble pranking her mother’s suitors. Not enough to get her kicked out of her home-city, but enough that it would have had negative consequences on her mother’s business. So she voluntarily left on her own means, the traveler’s advice, and her own interest in travelling.

Talking about this AU with Three, he suggested before that Yasha could be a cursebreaker- but I’m also considering Jester, with her cleric-y-ness and toll the dead spells. Experienced recognizing dark magic and charms of arcane power. Jester is definitely good at Transfiguration and Charms, with some (not fantastic) knowledge of Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Ancient Runes. Excellent at making a patronus.


(Will there be more CritRole2 wands in the future? Who’s to say. I do have ideas ready, and wand-holding headcanons hahah, it’s just down to the fun of making them. At least there’s only seven of them and not nein!)


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