Beau-Staff Wand- Crit Role HP AU


beau wand

Show-spoilery headcanons below the cut.

Another wand for the CritRole HP AU! (Check out the other posts here.)
This one is Beau’s. I had an idea about making more wands other than Fjord’s, when I was thinking about magical staffs and staves, and Beau with her staff made me think about something for her. I’m not sure if I like how the end turned out…it looked better in the sketches I did. Though it does look kind of broomstick-like. But the gem on the other end turned out nice.

Caleb, Beau, and Nott all went to Hogwarts, though at different times. Beau was a beater for her Quidditch team. She definitely has the ambition and cunning of a Slytherin…but I also think she’d be that gung-ho, brazen, asshole Gryffindor, choosing that house to say a big Fuck You to her family. She came from a very proud Slytherin family- not pureblood, but very much about their House.

In this AU, Beau made her own wand. Not one bought from Ollivanders or anywhere else. She had a family wand for a while, until she left Hogwarts and tried messing with wandcrafting on her own. Maybe this version of monks of the Cobalt Soul or whatever are a magical university of some sort. So she learned some wandcrafting stuff and related magics. It took a long time to get something working, but the wand she made for herself fits perfectly on the first try.

Beau has been one that was prone to lots of past bad magical accidents. (Watchmaster) Bryce works at St. Mungo’s, and Beau shows up with so many maladies.
Again, Beau? Really?”
“I almost got it right this time! I swear, just a few more kinks to work out, and it’ll be perfect!”
Bryce was in Hufflepuff, the same age/year as Beau, and that’s how they met. Master of the group projects. Super good at herbology and potions. Always internally fed up with the Ministry and their garbage, but genuinely likes their job.

Beau is a slacker, and does all her work last minute. Always wanting to copy Bryce’s notes. They probably met in potions class, Beau asking them what the heck are they supposed to do again. Very bad at measuring things, compared to Bryce, who is very thorough.

“Some of this, dash of that-“
Bryce staring wide-eyed, like “Omg what are you doing.”
Beau is very explosion-prone, when doing potions. Young Bryce was definitely a Hermione.
(Will there be more CritRole2 wands in the future? It’s likely, but who’s to say. I do have ideas ready, and wand-holding headcanons hahah, it’s just down to the fun of making them. At least there’s only seven of them and not nein!)

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