what lies beneath the water- playlist

Another sequel in the drowning legacy playlist series for an original short story I wrote for creative writing, darkness withinthe life of a drowning boy, and commencement. It was about two brothers (one of which murders his girlfriends in a lake in their small Florida town); their relationship with their parents, and societal expectations. And then, in the continuing playlist lore, it follows the course of their lives as the brothers grow up, the older is arrested and tried for his crimes, and all, including his wife and son, must deal with the fallout.

Tracklist (and my paragraph of vague plot ideas) below the read-more.

Check out the Spotify playlist here.

The oldest’s own brother testifies against him in the trial. Meanwhile his son wont talk to him and he doesn’t know what the future holds for his wife and his relationship and his family. He almost got away with being normal again. With being human. Betrayed and conflicted, looking at death row or life in prison, a death sentence, for crimes he committed years ago. But is there guilt on his conscience? It’s the question haunting everyone’s thoughts, and if there’s a why to all this.
His son struggles with who his father was, the difficulty, forging his own path, making dark terrible choices, edging the line, unsure and wondering if he will follow the same path, if he’s destined to, while also knowing he isn’t his father and knowing there is good in his father and not being able to believe he’s a monster.
His wife tries to reconcile, during the trial, that she was the one that got away. The only victim of his that survived, the only young woman he loved that he didn’t drown. Fearing the answer to the question, she wavers asking him- why me? Why did I survive?

Summer’s Gonna Hurt You- Diplo
Stripped- Depeche Mode
In The Woods Somewhere- Hozier
I Killed Sara V.- Lowell
I’m Gonna Do My Thing- Royal Deluxe
Blood // Water- grandson
Demons- Jacob Lee
The Devil Don’t Mind- David J. Roch
Blood- The Dear Hunter
Grave Digger- Matt Maeson
Chasing It Down- Mother Mother
Pools- Glass Animals
My Love Took Me Down To The River To Silence Me- Little Green Cars
The River- Blues Saraceno
Move- John Legend
God’s Whisper- Raury
Flute Jawn- Diplo


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