Hello. I’m ghostofgatsby! (aka…ghostofgatsby13, on wordpress only -___-)

College student, young adult, obsessed with vague metaphors, kinky, somewhat depressed on certain days, but overall a very hopeful person.

I really like Shakespeare, Hat Films, and some of the Yogscast, among many other things.

I write quite a lot of fanfiction over on ao3, and most of that is nsfw. Primarily consisting of the Urban Magic Yogs AU and other hatfic/yogfic.

Feel free to ask me any questions and talk headcanons, I’d love to hear other opinions ^^.
Also check out the Rules for more info on comments and such.

Any other accounts with the same name as me are not associated with this blog, my spotify, or my ao3 account. I’ve never had a tumblr or anything else. If I ever make any other accounts, I will link them here.

Discord: ghostofgatsby#4667

As of 2016, there are some fics I’ve posted on ao3 under archive-only restrictions, due to reasons. Because of these reasons, they also don’t have corresponding posts on this blog. On my ao3 profile there is a list of fics- if you have an account and are logged in, please feel free to check them out. If it’s your kind of thing or not. You never know, you might like it. Thanks!

I like making playlists on Spotify. When a playlist corresponds with a fic I’ve written, I will post the link in the Author’s Notes on a03, and make a post with the full tracklist. There are also playlists that don’t have fics (yet). Those won’t have tracklist posts until I post the corresponding fic.

My gmail inbox is currently open if you’re looking for a beta, or just want to chat/headcanon.

Current fandoms:
HatFilms and some Yogs
Hamilton the musical
CriticalRole: season 2
Stranger Things
Guardians of the Galaxy movie series (vol. 1 and 2)


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Anonymous

    Hi, I was wondering how to contact you via email? I made a donation but I’m not sure how to show the screeenshot other than email!

    Thank you so much, love your work!!!


    1. ghostofgatsby Post author

      Regarding the drabbles for charity post: Some people before have used https://postimages.org to upload and link their screenshot in a comment here; likely a similar website like flickr or photobooth would work too. If that doesn’t work, or you need another option, my email is my username at gmail.com. Hope that helps!


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