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bio-modification AU

Random ideas/headcanons that won’t get fics anytime soon. If anyone wants to add on/chime in/create something, feel free.

Three shared this link in the Discord chat, of a house, and I said, “I like the orange accents, and the bedrooms. it looks like the kind of house in some sort of near-future scifi thing. with genetic enhancements. bioengineering animalistic traits and genes into humans. the Hats were talking about how sharks regrow teeth (and why isn’t that being studied in an application to science, srsly) so maybe: Sips and the Hats as scientists working for this lab.”

cw: body modification; medical/scientific experimentation; creepy scifi, animal lab usage?; sex, drugs, mention of organs
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Sweet Temptations – ghostofgatsby

Sips’ Sundaes was an ice cream parlor not-so-secretly for supernatural and human customers both. So far, Sips had yet to actually make anything vampires specifically could enjoy, but humans kept coming back without complaint. Trott liked his job serving customers while Sips worked in the cold storage room mixing new flavors. The time Trott got to spend chatting with the cute postal delivery guy was also a nice bonus.

Rating: Mature

CW: blood, biting, blood drinking, minor injuries (bicycle accident, i.e. scrapes to hands/arms), first aid
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70s Racing AU

Random ideas/headcanons that won’t get fics anytime soon. If anyone wants to add on/chime in/create something, feel free.

In Geology class, my prof talked about salt flats and mentioned racing, and also there’s a guy who sits in front of me who’s over six foot, with mid-length brown-blonde hair that sort of curls at the nape and looks really lustrous because he always runs his fingers through it all the time.

So. You know. Here’s a 70s Racing AU.

cw: post war. mentions of sex, death, mental health issues, reckless driving, homophobia.
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dystopian Stranger Things AU

We gave our sons and daughters to the war- and what did we ever get in return? We gave up everything. We gave up our livelihoods for them. Our family. And for what? For what? For nothing, in return.

Add in modern fears and more dystopian sci-fi elements, if a government pushed the selection of individuals from a populace to be curated for their own gain- Hawkins Lab has taken Jonathan and Will, and kept them apart from home for too long.
But now, Joyce is getting back her kids.

(possible Stranger Things season 1 spoilers beneath the cut)

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October 1, 2017

Hello again,

College is once again keeping me very busy (read: stressed out to hell), so apologies for the null posting these past few months. Adjusting is, as always, a challenge.

A month has passed since the polls have been up, and I’d still really appreciate it if you haven’t answered yet that you’d let me know “What would you like to see next?”

The poll is completely anonymous, takes maybe a minute or two to reply to, and only one option can be chosen so pick the one you’d like to see the most!

I want to keep the poll open as long as I can to get the most voices possible as I can…and that helps me know what fic/piece to focus on when I do finally get the chance to work on something! It’s great motivation ^^!

So if you haven’t checked that poll out yet, please do so, it’d mean a lot to me.



Princess AU Aesthetics

Aesthetic/moodboard things for a vaguely Princess Diaries-inspired WIP chat AU.
(Upgraded/Edited as of 9/4/17)

From NY to NZ…to the Principality of Buckland…

Trott thought he had enough on his plate, mid-way through finishing the last semester of his fashion degree at FIT in New York City, and searching for a way to kickstart his career in design. But a bodyguard for the city-state of Buckland shows up at his university looking for him, claiming he’s the long lost heir to the royal throne. Suddenly, it’s not just gender fluid style choices Trott has to figure out- it’s family secrets, hiding from the press, navigating his love life, and helping to run a fucking country. All at the same time.

Turns out being a princess isn’t all it cracks up to be.

Princess Trott in NYC:

Princess Trott AU- NYC

Bodyguard Sips:

Princess Trott AU- Sips

The Principality of Buckland:

Princess Trott AU- Buckland

The Royal Palace:

Princess Trott AU- Royal Palace

All pictures are not mine, however they should be free-to-use (links under the read-more). If I need to change something/tag something, let me know.

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