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MS Paint doodles

Molly Mock Wand- Crit Role HP AU

molly wand

Show-spoilery headcanons below the cut.

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Ghost Draws A Monster

So for spurious AU reasons I’m not getting into, and random interest, I decided to create a monster-creature-being. Thought I’d post up my thought process stuff, and the sketches, all in one place. Everything drawn in Gimp, except for the stuff with text, which was in MSPaint. cw: body horror? below the cut.

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Repo!Hats Masks

For the Repo!Hats AU created by Nate/CookiesAndKatanas.

I did a little designing on the Hats’ Repo masks awhile back because I think Nate said something about animals once. I was looking at one of the generic Repo masks, and they look a lot like metallic surgical masks.

from left to right, Smith, Trott, Ross

repo masks

The first one is very heavily based on the one from the movie- a surgical-style mask with the weird forehead plate thing, kind of has a facemask style front and a hat-like top.
I think for Smith, this works the best- because he actually used to be a surgeon, and he has all the medical experience. It’s also the simplest, the most utilitarian. Smith just wants to get everything over with.

For Trott’s, I drew on more of an angular look. lots of triangles and sharp points. And kind of a preying mantis face. Trott’s the brutally efficient type. Preying mantises can be vicious while being seemingly chill insects. Trott’s calm under pressure. This mask also has the most detail, and Trott is very detail oriented. Get in, get what you need, get out.

Ross’ is the most animalistic. I wanted to keep that, if not a wolf-like thing, but because he’s a vet. That’s his background. Some animals also tend to be scavengers, hunters, opportunists. Ross fell into the Repo life when that was what his life dealt him, so he had to go with that option.

I also did sideviews.
Smith’s has the biggest eyes, to see the most of what’s going on.
Trott’s mask is very pointed, the eyes are higher up and smaller, more focused.
Ross’ are centered. His mask has more of a snout/muzzle.

The color change was a last minute change I decided to make.
Smith’s is similar to the generic coloring.
Trott’s is darker/dirtier gray, and the eyes are more greenish/teal.
Ross has the lighter one. Could be said because he’s the newest, or has a mask made of newer, lighter, better materials.┬áSmith’s definitely looks more bulky.