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hair betrothal AU

Random ideas/headcanons that won’t get fics anytime soon. If anyone wants to add on/chime in/create something, feel free.

I saw some art and then thought up another royalty arranged marriage AU that has to do with hair braiding and hair cutting and fancy scissors and kingdoms trying to prevent more war. And then of course that means slow burn complicated relationship feels.

I started writing this as Character A/B/C-fill-in-the-blank style and then changed my mind, so sorry if this reads weird because of that.

cw: war, death, uhh hair cutting/scissors, murder, arranged marriage of convenience

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this///affection- playlist

A playlist about mental health and the things that haunt us and caring and thinking you care too much and being conflicted and hopeless and stuff.

Tracklist below the read more.

Check out the Spotify playlist here.

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electronic stuff- playlist

A bunch of electronic, for the most part, music that I’ve shoved in a playlist over the past couple years. Felt like sharing, because someone might like it too. Has lots of tracks currently, and may have additional tracks added on a whim. This post was last updated 5/11/18, so check the link for the current list.

Tracklist below the read-more.

Check out the Spotify playlist here.

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