Discord Chatroom

Wanna chat/message me that isn’t through email/ao3/this wordpress?

Add me on discord! ghostofgatsby#4667

And/Or you can join the chatroom here:


(If that link ever expires, send me a message, and I’ll fix it)

Rules that are on this blog also apply in chat. I may not be online as often as I want/be free to talk despite being online, but like all comments, I promise I will probably get to them eventually. But I’m not the only one in chat, too, so take that for what you will.

The chatroom is moderated by me and only me.  May have nsfw content, but if that occurs, it will be warned for to the best of my ability (so if your in chat, please “tag” outward links accordingly). All comments are archived and re-readable. If you want me to remove something from chat, no sweat! Just DM-me and we can talk about it.
Also, if you find you’re unable to do certain things (like upload/share pictures or something), let me know because in my uncertainty with the settings I probably turned that off by accident.

Also also, if there’s ever a problem with someone else in chat/between multiple people in chat, please settle differences in your own DMs, or come to me if you think there’s something I should be aware of.

If you have any questions, the answers can probably be found somewhere on this blog as far as rules go. But if you can’t find the answer, feel free to ask away ^^.