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Hello, I’m ghostofgatsby, aka Ghost! For the past three years I’ve been writing a lot of fanfic, but I’ve read fanfic for ten years and been interested in writing since longer than that. Also in those past three years, I’ve been helpfully beta-reading for friends and peers in fandom. I always like helping, and watching people create stories ^^.

So! Do you have a thing (fanfic, original fic, or blog post) you would like to be beta-read?

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this///affection- playlist

A playlist about mental health and the things that haunt us and caring and thinking you care too much and being conflicted and hopeless and stuff.

Tracklist below the read more.

Check out the Spotify playlist here.

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June 1, 2018

(vaguely nsfw?)
So this vid is about non-monogamy and sexual relationships
…but this has good points about communication in ANY relationship, friends, family, romantic, sexual, or otherwise. And good communication and honesty is an important thing. We’re always changing and growing, as people, and it’s a skill I always try to practice and relearn. It comes with constantly reassessing and learning, and making an effort to listen and empathize.

I tell anyone and everyone who talks to me this, and I’ll reiterate it here- if there’s something I’ve done or am doing or have said that bothers you, even in a small way, Please Tell Me. And then we can talk about it! And then we can fix it and try to understand each other. It doesn’t work if I don’t know another person’s pov, if I dunno what’s going on. It’s a hard thing, to be vulnerable, but without it, it’s like looking through a fogged-up mirror. As Dr. Liz says in another vid, “We can’t change what we don’t know.” We can’t reflect on anything if it’s clouded and unclear.

electronic stuff- playlist

A bunch of electronic, for the most part, music that I’ve shoved in a playlist over the past couple years. Felt like sharing, because someone might like it too. Has lots of tracks currently, and may have additional tracks added on a whim. This post was last updated 5/11/18, so check the link for the current list.

Tracklist below the read-more.

Check out the Spotify playlist here.

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