Be kind and courteous to others in the comments. If you’re being hurtful, I will delete your comment. I’m not going to tolerate harassment or bullying here.

Comments are a privilege and not a right, and I will disable anon comments if it gets ridiculous. Additionally, comments are approved on a case by case basis. So…if you don’t see your comment it’s probably just because I haven’t gotten to it yet.

You don’t need a WordPress account to comment or subscribe, just an email address (which I don’t see- it’s only used by WordPress to send you replies, and you can disable emails at any time.)
You don’t need to include a website link, either, just a username.

Feel free to get involved and ask me things. Comment! You will never be seen as being bothersome. I have the same feelings whenever I comment, too, but every message I see in my inbox is always wonderful to get.

If you have any questions at all, ever, feel free to ask. I will answer them at my leisure, but I always try to answer everyone.

If I haven’t replied to your comment, either:
1. I forgot
2. I have no idea what to say
3. I’ve answered a similar comment before and I don’t want to sound repetitive.

It’s never because I’m annoyed or don’t care.

When commenting on fic, I’d much rather you leave comments on fic posts over on ao3, than on the blog post itself.
(you can comment on Anon over there as well).

If you’re going to email me, please be 18 + and have a recognizable email (meaning I can identify your email from your a03/tumblr username/whatever name you put in an anon comment). Not everyone’s going to be, and I’m willing to beta anyone’s work within my own boundaries, but…don’t make me look like a creep, alright?

If I have linked you/your blog in a post or otherwise, and you want it removed, let me know.

I will always try to source things, and if I have the incorrect source/no source at all and it’s not mine, let me know and I’ll fix it.


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