Series Primer

The ghostofgatsby Series Primer!

My insomnia/sleep deprivation makes me want to post All The Things and have millions of open, incomplete series, even though that would drive me crazy because so much would probably go unfinished.
But since I have six series listed on ao3, I thought I’d make something to explain them.

Series are listed from current project to oldest completed. This page was updated on 12/16/17, and information may change. For current listings, check it out on ao3.

Series Name:
 I’d kill for you. I’d die for you. I’d live for you.
AU: UMY, aka Urban Magic Yogs
Number of Fics: 21
Writing Status: Current Project- currently working on. meaning, when I can. if I’m currently working on something, it’s usually because it’s a lot of work to write.
Ratings: ranges from T to E; mostly E
Pairings: Shatsome and varying Hat/Sips pairings. Hatsome and varying Hat pairings. A crap ton of Troffy. Smith/various unimportant NPCs.
Content Warnings: Various. Violence, Death, and Murder, being the biggest. The Fae in this story aren’t necessarily Good People, but they are as flawed as humans can be. Also tackles issues with Depression, Insecurity, “Broken”-ness, and Failure.
What Is It: A collection of fics in the same Urban Magic Yogs universe, about the kelpie, selkie, gargoyle, and mortal king of the Garbage Court.
No, Really, What Is It: Three fae and a mortal deal with issues.
What I Love About It: Can I say everything? The dichotomy of dark and light; the relationships between the court; myth and magic intermixed with modern city life.

Series Name: Stitch by Stitch
AU: tailor AU
Number of Fics: 5
Writing Status: Currently On Hiatus- aka, writer’s block. I’d like to write more…not sure when/if I will.
Ratings: M and E
Pairings: Troffy
Content Warnings: class differences, homelessness, insecurity
What Is It: a Tailor AU, with tailor!Trott, guitarist!Smith, and businessman!Ross
No, Really, What Is It: Kink and sewing. Basically.
What I Love About It: developing relationships; aesthetic

Series Name: with a heart unsatisfied
AU: weird modern magic AU- magical realism, religion, and university professors
Number of Fics: 3
Writing Status: Indefinite Hiatus- who knows. not likely to update, unless I am struck by sudden inspiration.
Ratings: M and E
Pairings: Hatsome
Content Warnings: Religion and Relationship Issues, also some Kink and Sex
What Is It: Magic is as common as religion, and for Smith, his Catholic beliefs are intertwined with the magical power he holds inside him. Ross is a man of numbers, and Trott is a man of words, but both have different magic and beliefs than Smith. It’s a tricky balance, with their differences, but their relationship with each other is what makes it worthwhile.
No, Really, What Is It: Catholic Smith; Faux-Cultist Ross; Nearly-An-Arsonist Trott
What I Love About It: it’s weirdness. projecting my religious feelings onto Smith.

Series Name: to obey and command
AU: none
Number of Fics: 4
Writing Status: Indefinite Hiatus- who knows. not likely to update, unless I am struck by sudden inspiration.
Ratings: M and E; mostly E.
Pairings: Mostly Tross, some Hatsome, some Troffy
Content Warnings: Kink and Sex.
What Is It: The BDSM-adventures of Lieutenant Trott and Private Ross aboard the H. M. S. Military Kink. Also featuring Corporal Smith.
No, Really, What Is It: A super-steamy bunch of kinky fics.
What I Love About It: Trott’s so in charge, and these fics are very much in the roleplaying

Series Name: Of Stars And Skies Above
AU: Space AU
Number of Fics: 7
Writing Status: Complete- finished. no further fics will be added.
Ratings: M and T.
Pairings: Hatsome
Content Warnings: arguing, fighting, relationship issues, mention of homophobia.
What Is It: Smith has dreamt of space since he was young, thrilled at the idea of living on other planets and travelling the solar system. But the journey to get there has been harder than he ever expected. Through his aeronautics training and his life with his best friends-turned-lovers, nothing in life has been easy since.
No, Really, What Is It: Hatsome in spaaaa- oh, wait, actually…Hatsome training for space. Like…space college. with relationship problems. so. still college. for space.
What I Love About It: relationship issues; childlike joy of chasing after dreams

Series Name: a tail-waggin’ good time
AU: none
Number of Fics: 3
Writing Status: Complete- finished. no further fics will be added.
Ratings: M.
Pairings: All Troffy
Content Warnings: kink, no sex, puppy play
What Is It: A trio of cutesy and adorable, somewhat silly, Troffy puppy play fics. Smith doms, Trott subs.
No, Really, What Is It: Smith treats Trott like a puppy and it’s super adorable.
What I Love About It: Cuddly

Various unposted things:
Part-Time Project- I aim to write something else soonish- meaning, eventually. sometime. probably.