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Down to the Bottom of the Sea – ghostofgatsby

Ross splutters as another wave crashes down upon him, soaking him further in icy water. He clings onto a piece of the starboard bow, cutting his palms on the barnacles. The waves crash into him, and he’s slipping no matter how hard he tries to stay afloat.
From the neck down his body is slowly freezing, numbness soaking through him like the cloak of death. His hair is plastered to his head and his clothes are stuck to his back. The water is a terrible, drenching cold, and there’s a feeling of doom within him.
Ross is going down with this ship, and nothing is going to save him from it.

Rating: Mature

CW: mass drowning at sea, death, Major character death (it’s not graphic), slightly creepy ship captains, drowning, shipwrecks, body horror, dead bodies, afterlife, souls
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Weltraum Aesthetics

Aesthetic/moodboard things for a WIP. (Upgraded/Edited as of 12/29/16)

Neue Orte:



Science House:


Science House – Wissenschaft Haus – Casa de Ciencia – Nauka Kuća



It was a big step, to move far away from everything he’d ever known, way out to a planet where the people didn’t know his name, never mind what branch of science he studied. It was kind of scary, but also refreshing, to finally, finally, finally get to do what he worked so hard for. He couldn’t wait to see what this world had to offer.



<I don’t- I don’t know what love is. I don’t know if…personalities like me can love.> Trott says, <But what I do know, is…is that I care about you. I like you. I like talking to you, and spending time with you. and I think…I think that’s all that really matters. because the rest…the rest is an obstacle, sure, you could say that, but how I feel- that’s what matters most. that’s unchangeable about us, too.>





Smith forced himself to look away and ignore the shaking in his knees. He’d flown from planet to planet, narrowly dodged enemy fire and soaring asteroids, and obliterated the lives of their enemies like bugs on a windshield. Every day during the war, he could have died. But all of that was over, and not knowing what came next was what terrified him the most.









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