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Synthetic Evolution- Dream Koala


Down to the Bottom of the Sea – ghostofgatsby

Ross splutters as another wave crashes down upon him, soaking him further in icy water. He clings onto a piece of the starboard bow, cutting his palms on the barnacles. The waves crash into him, and he’s slipping no matter how hard he tries to stay afloat.
From the neck down his body is slowly freezing, numbness soaking through him like the cloak of death. His hair is plastered to his head and his clothes are stuck to his back. The water is a terrible, drenching cold, and there’s a feeling of doom within him.
Ross is going down with this ship, and nothing is going to save him from it.

Rating: Mature

CW: mass drowning at sea, death, Major character death (it’s not graphic), slightly creepy ship captains, drowning, shipwrecks, body horror, dead bodies, afterlife, souls
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Nothing At All – ghostofgatsby

Ross and Trott had left hardly ten minutes ago.
Smith can feel the itch under his skin. The tug of memories he didn’t want to think about gets harder to ignore. The things they did, the organ harvests, the death…
He needs the Zydrate high to take it all away.

A self indulgent, somewhat trashy, look at what Repo!Smith does in his free time.
(inspired by Nate’s/CookiesandKatanas’ Repo!Hats AU)

Rating: Mature

CW: drug usage, mention of death; injections, so I guess technically mention of needles, though I picture the injection tool more like a glue gun in looks; a rather sexually submissive drug high; fantasy of sex while high, in which all parties would know what was occurring and consent, but note that no one can actually give informed consent while high, in that regard
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LA graveyard AU

More headcanons. Have some barely edited AUs that probably won’t get fics anytime soon, but are great ideas nonetheless. If anyone wants to add on/chime in/create something, feel free.

A very short idea that popped in my head. Fame, fortune, Hollywood’s dead and famous,  gravediggers, security guards, and how dreams aren’t what they seem.

cw: graveyards/dead people/mention of death
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eligere facere bonum – ghostofgatsby

Sometimes, Smith feels like he was groomed and brought up to be a doctor. Both his parents and his older siblings went through medical school. It just seemed like a no-brainer for him to follow suit.

He had always been confident he could help someone no matter the circumstances, and for a long time, he believed nothing was too impossible. The chance of a patient dying in surgery is relatively low, and Smith had been lucky.

Until he wasn’t.

Rating: Mature

CW: blood/surgery/death/dead bodies/injury/hospitals/guns/drinking/guilt/grief; mention of illness/medication/non-graphic medical procedures (doctor checkup, surgery, autopsy)
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“Golden Boy With Golden Gun And Golden Ghost” by Adrian Bouvier


poem found here

from this book by Adrian Bouvier

cw: death, guns, blood, grief, implied explosions, drinking
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The Color of Blood – ghostofgatsby

Red is the color of blood. It’s the color of life, and death. Of family. Of passion, and sex.
It’s the color of murder, and war. Of anger, and of pain.
Red is the color of fate.

Am I worth this? Smith wonders. Am I worth protecting? Am I worth fighting for?
Ross senses Smith’s conflicted thoughts as he watches the emotions shape his face.
“What is it?” Ross asks. He holds onto Smith’s fingertips.
Am I worth dying for? Smith wants to say.
Instead, he look up at Ross and asks, “Will I make a rightful king?”

Rating: Mature

CW: Death, Blood, Swords, Dead Bodies, War, mention of drinking, mention of graves
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