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Fantasy Kingdom AU

Random headcanons/AUs that won’t get fics anytime soon. If anyone wants to add on/chime in/create something, feel free.

Some sort of fantasy war AU thing.

cw: war, swords, burning of villages, death, prisoners of war, forced labor/slavery, mention of bondage (not the fun kind)
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Promotion – ghostofgatsby

War is never-ending, for those involved in it.

Through the ages, there are constants, and constant battles.

The lives of two soldiers are connected more than they know.

(A reincarnation AU about anthropomorphized Chess pieces, written secret-santa-style for Reishiin as a part of Yuletide 2016)

Rating: Mature

CW: death, major character death, injury, war, blood, guns, swords
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The Color of Blood – ghostofgatsby

Red is the color of blood. It’s the color of life, and death. Of family. Of passion, and sex.
It’s the color of murder, and war. Of anger, and of pain.
Red is the color of fate.

Am I worth this? Smith wonders. Am I worth protecting? Am I worth fighting for?
Ross senses Smith’s conflicted thoughts as he watches the emotions shape his face.
“What is it?” Ross asks. He holds onto Smith’s fingertips.
Am I worth dying for? Smith wants to say.
Instead, he look up at Ross and asks, “Will I make a rightful king?”

Rating: Mature

CW: Death, Blood, Swords, Dead Bodies, War, mention of drinking, mention of graves
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