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K’thriss Footie Pajamas

I don’t know why, but even though I am not an artist I needed a visual for K’thriss-themed footie pajamas.
(perhaps I will write a little something later, but)


kthriss pattern footie pajamas and ur pillow and velvet plushie

crappy MSPaint doodles of Ligatti-patterned pjs
(with bonus Ur pillow and Velvet plushie)

kthriss pattern

K’thriss Drow’b. emerging from a lush cloud, hush now, pillows are so plush now

he’s a drow and drow don’t really sleep but *SHRUG* pajamas are also for lounging

Rosie definitely bought them for him.
Everyone has matching footie pajamas.
Green ones with acorns and leaves for Walnut.
Yellow ones with…I dunno, eggs? wait, Toothbrush! of course, for Donaar.
and Hot Pink for Rosie. who always rocks hers with a badass pair of sunglasses. yeaaaah.


A C Team Fandom Round-Up

More fic/art/fandom recs for The C Team!

(Have no idea what I’m talking about? check out this post)

(If you’d like me to remove references/links to your stuff, just let me know.)

Fic Recs:

Walnut’s Nightmare by crwscribbler

(T, Gen, Walnut, blood, scratching, nightmare, panic, burning, body horror?)

Rosie, Queen of Thorns by crwscribbler

(T, Gen, Rosie, Donaar, fighting, blood, mention of injuries, stealing)

Former street fighter Rosie? Heck yeah! I love your Donaar, too!

A Walnut Fanfic by lucentbaguettes and thriceinatrice

(T, Walnut/Brahma, Enemies/Lovers dynamic, embarrassment)

Includes art, fanfic, and pretty songs via Soundcloud! Nice!

Fanmusic Recs:

The C Team Playlist by jamesroachmusic

(Donaar’s Theme is PERFECT)

All Vampires Must Die by melmanlite

(That classic rock song by Acq Inc B Team)


C_team_slashfic’s twitter

a Wiki recently started by Melodykat

Cleric Confessor, the fanart/fandom-inspired creations hub
(Submissions encouraged!)

and of course, all the animated shorts by the magnificent Zeebashew

Woooo, awesome fandom creations! Waaatch C Teaaaaam!


Fic Rec (C Team- Walnut x Brahma)


Her Dreams are Haunted by Those Folks

(Teen, Gen and F/F, Walnut/Brahma, mild gore, death, blood, animal death, the worst creepy crawly things, also spoilers for the Doomgate Inn)

More C Team fic, wooooo!

(Have no idea what I’m talking about? check out this post)

The cast are so super supportive about slash/fandom creativity, which I love.

Also, to the author known as Those Folks: highest of fives on being the people who took the risk and made such good fic. (If you want me to take down the links to your work, though, let me know.) There needs to be more C Team fic in the world, and I hope I can get around to writing some of it, too.

Fic Rec (C Team- Rosie x Welver)


Rosie Fucks (Part 1) by Those Folks

(Explicit/NSFW, F/M, Rosie/Welver, slightly kinky)

Oh. My…
This is AMAZING.
I support this, and I love this.
*slams fists on table* Watch C Teaaaaam!

(Have no idea what I’m talking about? check out this post)

there’s also some meta about Rosie here

(and and they’re gonna write some kinky kept boy K’thriss fic!!!
I’m gonna die!!!
I’m so pumped!!!)

so you want to watch nerds play d&d… (1)

From long series, to short series, to one-offs, with both new and old players…there’s toooooons of tabletop roleplaying game content to choose from on Youtube.

Today, I want to talk to you about the recent game I’ve been watching/listening to:

Acquisitions Incorporated: The “C” Team

This tabletop Dungeons & Dragons game is a spin-off of Acq Inc- but if you know nothing about that, this is totally the cool place to start. Basically, Acq Inc is/was a D&D podcast started by a group of gamers/artists/writers/D&D players, and the premise was that a group of adventurers started a company to collect loot. The idea of The “C” Team is that a brand new group of adventurers has been hired by this company, for a “Secret Purpose” that has not yet been revealed. You can check out more lore info at acq-inc.com.

The episodes are currently posted on PennyArcade’s Youtube channel, and they run about 2.5 to 3 hours long. (As of posting this, there are 6 episodes. Episodes are livestreamed every Thursday and posted Friday/Saturday).

For a highlights reel of Great Moments, check out these badass animations by Zeebashew!

The main cast of characters are:
Walnut Dankgrass (the k is silent), a half elf druid with animal issues
K’thriss Drow’b, a drow warlock who may ormay not be in debt with an Eldritch horror
Donaar Blitzen, a narcissistic dragonborn cleric
Rosie Beestinger, a frickin little old lady badass halfling monk
she is THE BEES KNEES. I love her. she’s great.
And really, all the characters are A+, and Jerry Holkins makes a good DM, too.

WATCH THE SHOW AND COME TALK TO ME. Let’s create some beautiful headcanons together <3.