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swallow me whole – ghostofgatsby

Edith’s Diner was the kind of place that slow-cooked their sauce and baked pasta dishes in ceramic crockery. Truckers, vacationing families, regulars, and the lost few who needed a hot meal and had nowhere else to go wound up at Edith’s.
Smith was one of those few.

A fic with truck stop hookers and angst.

Rating: Mature

CW: Sex Work, Miscommunication, Lying, Angst, mention of visiting a health clinic/being aware of sexually transmitted infections and HIV; mention of drinking
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Fuck Botany – ghostofgatsby

Sips crosses his arms over his chest, turning towards Smith and smiling bemusedly. “You know I don’t want my students to fail, right?”
“S-Dr. Sips, sir, look, I’ll do anything. You can’t just- there has to be- there has to be something.” He’s a damn inch from begging.
“You must really need this grade, huh?”
“I’d suck your fucking dick for an A, mate.” Smith finds himself saying brashly.

Rating: Explicit

CW: nsfw; both parties enter this scenario consensually and mutually, but take note that Sips is Smith’s professor, so there’s an uneven sort of power between them since Smith’s doing this for his grades.
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Of the Living and the Dead – ghostofgatsby + ArcsArksandArches

“Oh there you are,” purrs Nano, twisting her fingers through Ross’s hair. “You’ve turned into quite the social butterfly, Smith. Two whole new friends in one year! No wonder you’ve been neglecting me.”
Smith’s mouth opens but no words come out. His eyes track back and forth, from Nano’s rage-filled smirk to Ross’s dawning realization of who Smith is, who he must be.
“Clearly two new friends is at least one too many,” Nano coos, drawing Ross’s head back against her thigh. “I don’t blame you for Trott. He’s got tricks, that one. I should’ve warned you, protected you. But this one-” She jerks Ross by the hair, hard enough to bring him up to his knees with a cry of pain. “This one is entirely your fault.”

(a chatfic collab with ArcsArksandArches. find the original headcanon post here.)

Rating: Mature

CW/Tags: (Psychological) Manipulation, Low Self Esteem, Self Loathing, Kidnapping, Hopelessness, Blood, Blood Drinking, Biting, dark, twisted morals, vampires keeping humans as pets, slightly kinky leanings, coerced obedience?, Violence, Injury, implied blood magic; mention of scars, drinking, amateur stitches, slight body horror?, implied murder/death, fighting.
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Self-Rec Saturday

This self-rec thing has been circulating in the Star Wars fandom, and I thought I’d participate in my own way.

Here’s four fics that’d I’d really appreciate more comments/attention/appreciation for:

‘Tis safer to be that which we destroy
– UMY; Mature; Shatsome; 11,202 words

“Who the fuck are you?” Sips asks, looking frantically around himself for an exit. He’s being penned in.
Slowly, two, three, four humanoid figures rise up- gray golem-like forms made from the ground beneath his dress shoes. The figures are silent as they shuffle closer. Their arms reach for Sips robotically. He can’t pull away when hands wrap around his forearm, his shoulder, his wrist.
“Hey, let go! Fuck off!” He starts to struggle, and the figures’ grips tighten painfully.
Another concrete hand reaches for Sips, but before it can touch him, the bond erupts.

I was really happy with how this came out, when I finished it, and I still am. I love all the information about the world that I added in, and the descriptions, and I think it has a good balance of seriousness and humor in the plot. But it just didn’t get as much attention as I wanted it to when I posted it, which was disappointing. The foreshadowing!!! If you read my UMY series, think about rereading this before the next fic comes out.

Faster, Higher, Stronger
– Olympic swimmer AU; Mature; Tross; 38,441 words

Ever since he was a child, Trott has dreamed of making it to the Olympic stage. Pushing himself to his limits in competitive swimming, he is determined to reach the highest point of athletic achievement: the gold medal podium. But goals aren’t always so easy to get to. Trott finds that the greater challenge lies in balancing his life, meeting the demands of his sport, and following his heart.

This one was chatfic co-written with Three. I’m really proud of this AU, too, and how everything came together, because I don’t often do realistic/non-fantasy AUs that have this much depth. And it’s really well done, I think, too? It should have more attention than in does, I think. So many feels with this one.

eligere facere bonum
– Doctor Smith 80s AU; Mature; Troffy/Smornby; 13,612 words

Sometimes, Smith feels like he was groomed and brought up to be a doctor. Both his parents and his older siblings went through medical school. It just seemed like a no-brainer for him to follow suit.

He had always been confident he could help someone no matter the circumstances, and for a long time, he believed nothing was too impossible. The chance of a patient dying in surgery is relatively low, and Smith had been lucky.

Until he wasn’t.

Listen, I love the 80s, okay? And this AU of an AU was both a challenge and charming to write. It’s a more realistic AU again, but there’s so many things I like about it. Scientists and cops and hurt/comfort and trust. It has some cws, like all these fics listed, but I hope if you haven’t read it you might give it a shot.

Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows
– UMY; Explicit; Shatsome; 11,661 words

They kiss for what seems like an endless amount of time, grinding with the beat of the music. The man’s lips are tempting, and every moan that spills from them is music to Sips’ ears.
Sips leans their foreheads together when the kiss breaks, and stares back into darkened green eyes.
“How would you like to be king for the night?” The young man whispers hot against his ear.
Sips pulls his head back and raises an eyebrow. “King for the night? Better be some damn good servitude,” he says smoothly.
“Oh, trust me-” The man winks, his eyes shining in the neon above. “There will be.”

I have so many fics now that I seriously forget what I’ve written. This is one of them. Which is unfortunate, considering how excellent it turned out. I think I really nailed the personality and banter of the UMY Shatsome. And the overall fae feel is fantastic.

Suit and Tie – ghostofgatsby

Trott smirks and slides his hand up the back of Smith’s neck, fingers sliding into his hair. He clenches his hand sharply and tugs.
Smith gasps quietly at the little spark of pleasure-pain that ripples down his spine. “Oh…fuck, yes. Just like that.” He grins back.
Trott kisses him bitingly, and nips his bottom lip. “What else do you like?” he murmurs.
Smith watches through half-lidded eyes as Trott’s tongue darts out to lick his lips. “Well, I could think of a few uses for that tie,” he replies roguishly.
Trott kisses him again, and they stumble towards the bedroom.

Rating: Explicit

CW: BDSM, mention of drinking, other people smoking.
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Lionheart – ghostofgatsby

The pain started in his shoulders.
Ross thought he pulled a muscle wrong at the gym, but it didn’t go away. It was a persistent, at first subtle, ache in his bones. His broad shoulder muscles become sore and stiff to the touch. Very tiny feathers start flaking off when he showers.
Ross knew he had fae blood in him, but he never showed any symptoms of anything. “There weren’t any ab- weren’t any fae-like changes in me when I hit puberty,” he tells the doctor. Every breath he took in felt a little different, like his shoulders carried extra weight.
Wings. Wing growth was causing his shoulder pain.

Rating: Mature

CW: doctor’s appointments, medication, anxiety, stress, attempted mugging, minor injury
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certamina inter nos – ghostofgatsby

Smith steps past the gated entrance and tugs at his hair under his hat, trying to will away the stress as he paces. Trott could have gotten hurt- but he was fine. It could have been worse, but it wasn’t. Ross had wanted Smith to help him make a protection charm, but Trott didn’t want Smith’s help. Why? Because he thought Smith thought less of him? Smith only hesitated because he wasn’t sure his magic would work to produce the intended effect. It had nothing to do with Trott’s magic and lack of religion- Trott should have known that.
Smith expected- not that things were going to be easy, because they never were- but he expected things to be easier.
And yet the people he trusted the most still had doubts in him. His own doubts bled into theirs, and communication issues just fucked it all up.

Rating: Mature

CW: Religion, communication issues, arguments, insecurity, Anxiety, implied past familial death/parental death/mentions of loss; mentions of illness/hospitals
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