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Up To Something – ghostofgatsby

Smith was folding and sorting laundry on the couch when the doorbell rang.
Trott perked up excitedly, shifting where he sat beside Smith.
“Stay, Trott,” Smith reminded him as he stood up and left the room to answer the door. “Good boy.”
Ross was coming over today. Trott and Smith had asked Ross if he’d be interested hanging out while Trott was in puppy mode, and it was a little daunting, introducing someone to Trott’s whole puppy persona. But Trott couldn’t be worried- because Ross coming over only meant company, and dogs loved company.
This afternoon, all Trott had to do was be his best pup self.

Rating: Mature

Tags: Gentle BDSM, Non-Sexual Intimacy/Kink, Puppy Play

CW: nothing I can think of?
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Royal Charm – ghostofgatsby

Trott carefully put in his triangular earrings, examining his reflection in the mirror in his palace bedroom. The ornate frame was mounted to his vanity table, which was currently scattered with makeup containers and on which sprawled one very fluffy white and tan cat.
“What do you think, Eric? Good enough?”

Trott gets ready for an important meeting. (A Princess Diaries inspired AU.)

Rating: Teen

CW: nothing I can think of
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hair betrothal AU

Random ideas/headcanons that won’t get fics anytime soon. If anyone wants to add on/chime in/create something, feel free.

I saw some art and then thought up another royalty arranged marriage AU that has to do with hair braiding and hair cutting and fancy scissors and kingdoms trying to prevent more war. And then of course that means slow burn complicated relationship feels.

I started writing this as Character A/B/C-fill-in-the-blank style and then changed my mind, so sorry if this reads weird because of that.

cw: war, death, uhh hair cutting/scissors, murder, arranged marriage of convenience

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the wild things we are – ghostofgatsby

Breaking through the sound of the speakers blasting new wave and hawkers advertising carnival games came the revving of motorcycles.
Trott craned his head towards the noise, watching the shop browsers clear fast as two bikers peeled up the path. Dressed in black leather jackets, tight jeans, and metal band t-shirts, the familiar duo was distinctly different from the neon, tropical tourists surrounding the area. Smith and Ross were enigmatic and entertaining, and accepted Trott into their fold easier than anyone before ever had.
They were the only thing about Santa Carla that made it interesting- two damn attractive vampires.

Rating: Mature

CW: blood, biting/sexual wrist/neck biting. blood drinking, ritualistic-ness
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Repo!Hats AU Chats – ghostofgatsby + CookiesAndKatanas

“I can give you something to ease the withdrawals, Smith.” Sips informs him, taking a seat behind his desk. “You’re one of the best Repo men I have now.” He smiles and swirls his drink. “If you need something…you only need to ask.”
Smith shakily sits down across from him. “You’d- you’d do that for me?” Once again he isn’t sure if he’s earned his place, with all that Sipsco has given him.
“Course I would.” Sips smirks darkly. “I take care of my own, Smith. It’s the least I can do.”

Smith was never one for the aimless chatter in the locker room after a shift, but now he doesn’t even startle like he’s snapped out of a daze when he’s addressed. He mumbles and seems half asleep during and after a shift. He used to be the one to drive them all back but soon Trott takes over that, and Smith doesn’t even seem to care.
Ross and Trott, kept awake at night by Smith’s later restlessness, start wondering what exactly’s going on behind the curtain at Sipsco. “Sips didn’t get to where he is with a heart of gold…”

(a chatfic collab with CookiesandKatanas)

Rating: Mature

CW/Tags: murder/death/knives/killing; abuse and manipulation; twisted morals; violence; drug use/addiction/drinking; arguing. dubious.
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