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alter UMY: The Bad Baron AU

Random ideas/headcanons that won’t get fics anytime soon. If anyone wants to add on/chime in/create something, feel free.

Based on a dream I had- some sort of alter UMY-verse, in which fae-ish Trott visits a pub he’s been to before and runs into a minor annoyance.

I dunno what Trott is, A vampire, maybe, but not in the conventional sense, and also some sort of magic user, so maybe a sorcerer/warlock too? Or a fairy. I dunno.

Though it could be read differently, I also imagine that Ross is the bartender and Sips is the (at least former) pub owner. The pub is both non-human/magical and human customers. The last time Trott was here was in the 70s, and it is now present day.

cw: dudebros pestering for drinks, mention of drinking
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alter UMY: witch AU

Sips is a witch, Ross is a living statue.

A fill for Monster Prompt Week, for witch day.

cw: fire, burning at the stake, arson?, mentions of prior death
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Gargoyle Ross Magical Tattoos

Aehuru and I were talking about “can gargoyles have tattoos” over in the Discord chatroom, and that reminded me that I had some alternate headcanons floating around that I could post.

This was written probably a year ago, I don’t quite remember and I’m too lazy to check, and it has tense changes all over the place that I’m too tired to fix, but here you go.

cw: tattoos, body modification

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Lionheart – ghostofgatsby

The pain started in his shoulders.
Ross thought he pulled a muscle wrong at the gym, but it didn’t go away. It was a persistent, at first subtle, ache in his bones. His broad shoulder muscles become sore and stiff to the touch. Very tiny feathers start flaking off when he showers.
Ross knew he had fae blood in him, but he never showed any symptoms of anything. “There weren’t any ab- weren’t any fae-like changes in me when I hit puberty,” he tells the doctor. Every breath he took in felt a little different, like his shoulders carried extra weight.
Wings. Wing growth was causing his shoulder pain.

Rating: Mature

CW: doctor’s appointments, medication, anxiety, stress, attempted mugging, minor injury
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