Magical Law Court Summons

If you were wondering what the slip of paper on Smith’s car was:

court summons (filled)

It reads the following:

Court Summons
To whom it may concern:
Due to previous infractions and supposed misdoings, the Inspection Agency of Magical Law and Safety Enforcement hereby summon:
A. Smith, kelpie, of the “Garbage Court”
The aforementioned is a suspect of known crimes, and is summoned to appear in a court of law. The time and location of the court date is to be noted on the back of this ticket. Refusal to meet the detailed summons, or any other additional violations or infractions of Magical Law, will result in further penalties or refusal of a fair trial. The aforementioned suspect, any accomplice(s), and the vehicle’s descriptions have been recorded. Further action will be taken if suspect does not comply. This will be your first, only, and final warning.
With all due respect,
Tom. Angor, Head Inspector

and if you want, here’s the blank version. just don’t prank people with fake car tickets, that’s anxiety-inducing assholery.

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