headcanon/AU masterlist

Sometimes I come up with random headcanons/AUs that don’t have any fics or fic projects attached to them, and, because of various reasons, I decide to post my ideas here to my wordpress blog. Here’s a masterlist of those posts, with *s to designate the ideas I’d love to see content for, even though I can’t devote the time/effort to create it myself. (Obviously, if anyone is inspired to create based off of anything I post, that’s awesome! The ones I’m starring are just the ones I’d love to see more of the most.)

Headcanon/AU posts are listed from most recent to oldest posted. This page was updated on 12/30/18, and information may change. For current listings, check out the headcanon tag.

scientist manipulation brainwashing AU
Bird AU
The Fisher King AU
Art Violence Ghost AU
Military Academy AU
hair betrothal AU*
Hatsounds college project AU
contemporary dancer AU
sky pirate AU
college preacher AU
alter UMY: The Bad Baron AU
bio-modification AU
70s Racing AU
alter UMY: witch AU**
Vaguely Wizard-of-Oz-Framed Theater-Actor AU
Demon AU**
Doctor Who AU****
hockey AU**
kneeling AU
horror-style mer-person AU***
Fantasy Kingdom AU
Roller Rink AU
alter UMY: Phoenix Smith AU

Asclepius AU**
Futuristic Dystopian AU**
Baseball AU**
College Basketball Pining AU
A Wedding, A Divorce, & A Funeral AU
BDSM Magician AU

Footloose, Except BDSM Instead Of Dancing, AU
Equestrian AU

showgirl AU
Pizza Delivery AU
Matador AU
Witch AU
Vampire Biker Gang AU
Adventurer AU
Vampire Monarchy AU *****
MI6 AU ****
Alpine AU
X-Files AU Thoughts ****
Cigar Boys GTA AU
personal chef AU
platonic soulmate AU
Trust Fall- Everyone Has Tattoos AU ***
Basketball AU **
Missing AU ***
alter UMY: Arranged Marriage AU ****
Elder Smith AU *
Slam Poetry AU
LA graveyard AU **
Amateur Porn AU
Kitchen AU
Lavender AU
Untitled AU
Shipwrecked On An Island AU *
Quite Literally Gay Chicken AU **
Gay Bar AU
Erotica Writer AU
Porn AU ****
College Athletics AU ***
Shitty Former Celebrity AU ***
JOYRIDE Commercial (street racer AU) *